Friday, September 10, 2010

Riga Conference live

On September 10-11, 2010, Rīga, the capital of Latvia, will host one of the leading security forums in Northern Europe – the Rīga Conference. The conference has become the most significant gathering of some of the most respected world thinkers, academics, commentators, journalists, and politicians, providing a platform for a broad intellectual exchange on the current Transatlantic agenda.
To engage broader audience across the Transatlantic, live broadcast of the discussions will be available on homepage of the Rīga Conference 2010 or by clicking here. Broadcast will commence on September 10, 16:00 (CET + 1 h).

Broadcast will be supplemented by online discussion where participants will be able to discuss topics of the Rīga Conference and post questions to the panelists. Most interesting comments and challenging questions will be forwarded to the moderator of discussion panel. Online broadcast program will include discussion panels and additional exclusive interviews for our on-line audience only.

Follow the news on Please note that Night Owl sessions are closed for any broadcast or press coverage, thus will not be available online.

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