Saturday, February 16, 2008

YATA's Mission

The Youth Atlantic Treaty Association (YATA) has since its foundation at the Atlantic Treaty Association's General Assembly in Rome in 1996, risen to become an international youth organization of a considerable size. Today YATA expands from North America in the West to Russia and the Caucasus in the East, making up a total of 38 national chapters. YATA members have organized several national and international events, related to international security and transatlantic cooperation. YATA network has cooperated with many other youth national and transnatioanl organization with which it share common values and ideas. In 2007 the YATA International Board focused its activities on further strengthening the network and in creating new ties bewtween the chapters, in order to create an international environment where students, young professionals and researchers can share their ideas and create a genuine transatlantic community. In 2008, YATA will continue to grow and will keep up the good work done so far by organizing out-of-the-box events and producing innovative ideas and projects that best represent the values we share. The new YATA board will strive towards stronger cooperation among countries of the Mediterranean region and the Wider Black Sea area. Strengthening YATA chapters in Western Europe will also be a high priority in 2008. We will continue to promote more dialogue and exchange of ideas through innovative projects in order to reach young people within the Transatlantic community and beyond. We look forward to working together with all of you, and creating an even stronger YATA in 2008.