Saturday, August 28, 2010

Per angusta ad augusta:

an outlook for EU and NATO relations

The way to the current state of affairs of EU-NATO relations has been long and winding. The official view from NATO is given by its current Strategic Concept dating from 1999. But in 2009 NATO’s Heads of State and Government issued the Declaration on Alliance Solidarity. In comparison with the Strategic Concept of 1999 it speaks very differently on the topic of cooperation with the EU. On one hand the text acknowledges what the Europeans have achieved in developing ESDP into a policy capable of delivering operational results, on the other hand it implies that non-EU Allies are not being involved to an appropriate level in this development. The next opportunity to move forward on the “document frontline” will be the drafting of the new Strategic Concept in the North Atlantic Council. Later this year, NATO’s Secretary General in his Strategic Concept draft proposal should be much careful how to develop the possibilities of a truly strategic partnership with the EU.

Read more in Policy Paper prepared especially for 5th GLOBSEC Security Conference by JAROSLAV NAĎ (Director General, Ministry of Defense of Slovak Republic) and MARTIN SKLENÁR (analyst, UNMIK) available at:

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