Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Intenational Conference Afghanistan and beyond : NATO heading towards a new strategic concept

On March 10th and 11th, the conference “Afghanistan and beyond : NATO heading towards a new Strategic Concept “ was held in the Cripta Aula Magna of Università Cattolica in Milan. The meeting was supported by the Centre of High Studies for Defence, by NATO Public Diplomacy Division, by the Army Comand of Lombardy and by NATO Rapid Deployable Corps (Italy). It was organized by the Department of Political Sciences of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and directed by Professor Massimo de Leonardis.
The Conference saw the participation of more than 200 students, young professionals and experts.
On the first day, major exponents of the diplomatic, military and academic world exposed their views on most influencial issues of the current security scenario. Professor Riccardo Redaelli, teaching History of Political Civilties and Cultures and Mr. Daniele Riggio, Information Officer of the NATO public Diplomacy Division, have reported on the current Afghanistan conflict, mostly in quality of direct witnesses of the recently occured in Kabul and nearby.
The research done by Professor de Leonardis on behalf of the Ce.Mi.Ss entitled “NATO: globalization and loss of centrality” has been the main topic of the subsequent round table. The persons who intervened were: Generale Cabigiosu, ex commander of the K-For, Professor AntonGiulio de’ Robertis, teaching History of Treaties at Bari University, Professor Carlo Jean, professor of Strategic Studies at the Link Campus University in Rome and author of the research himself.
The conference continued with an in-depth analysis reguarding the transformation of the force and the military operation of the NATO. Albeit the absence of Professor Ilari, a History of Military Institutions and of Security Systems lecturer at Cattolica, Professor Pastori has read Prof. Ilari’s speech. The reports have occupied the first part of the afternoon: among the speakers we can cite Colonel Massimo Panizzi, Public Affairs Advisor and speaker of the NATO Military Commitee and of the International Military Staff, General Pierpaolo Ramoino, Vice President of the Strategic and International Studies University Centre. A very appreciated speech was the one of the Ambassador Stefanini, permanent reppresentant of Italy at the North-Atlantic Council, who has stressed the importance of the Italian contribution in the process of elaborationg the new Strategic Concept.
The second day started with round table during which Prof. De Leonardis, Ambassador Guido Lenzi, Member of the Board of Directors of the Italian Atlantic Committee, Mr Jean-Sylvestre Mongrenier, Senior Yellow of the Thomas Moore Institutute in Paris and Prof. Vittorio Emanuele Parsi,Professor of International Relations at the Catholic University exposed their views on the new NATO Strategic Concept.
The conference ended with the exposition of Ambassador Claudio Bisogniero, NATO Deputy Secretary General onthe new NATO, the partnerships with other countries (in particolar Russia)and the future of the Alliance."

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