Monday, February 15, 2010

NATO DAY in Velletri (Rome)

More than 500 High School students participated on Monday February 15th to a conference on NATO's role in XXI Century. The Conference was organized in Velletri (Rome) at Cesare Battisti High School by the Italian Atlantic Committee.
Students were coming from all Velletri district's High School. A group of Carabinieri cadets was attending as well.
The conference was opened by Antonietta Dal Borgo who introducted the topic with a video that resumed NATO's history and milestone (from the signing on the Treaty to the ISAF mission). The video was made by Italian Parliament, with support of RAI and Italian Atlantic Committee, by collecting original videos and audios from NATO and Italian archives.
Mr. Fabrizio Luciolli, Secretary General of the Italian Atlantic Committee, and Maj. Gen. Giovanni Marizza, former Deputy Commander of Multinational Corps in Iraq addressed the audience. They elaborated on NATO's role in XXI century security scenario and addressed the most important issues for today's Alliance. They explained why NATO's role is fundamental in guaranteeing peace and security in the globalized world and touched upon the current debate on the new Strategic Concept.
Col. Ilir Balliu, Albanian Defense Attache in Italy participated as well, and brought his view on NATO enlargment and its importance for Albania.
A lively Q&A session followed their presentations.
It was the second Conference that the Italian Atlantic Committee organized in Velletri, following May 2008's first meeting.

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