Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nato taskforce to form 'Afghan FBI' and root out high-level corruption

Clinton calls for 'major crimes tribunal' as west loses patience with Karzai government.

A taskforce being established by Nato in Kabul will consist of a small team of anti-corruption officers, as well as a criminal investigator and prosecutor who hope senior generals will be able to stop cases being derailed by opposition from the Afghan government.

Details of the body emerged as the US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, said Washington had called on Karzai to create a "major crimes tribunal" and an anti-corruption commission.

Her comments reflect growing impatience among Karzai's western backers at his apparent unwillingness to tackle corruption. Earlier this month, Gordon Brown warned the Afghan president that he would lose international support if he failed to improve its performance.

For the full article on how Karzai is trying or actually not trying to tackle corruption see here :

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