Monday, October 26, 2009

Dear fellows,

those who attended YATA General Assembly know that for year 2009/ 2010, Karl Raimut Popper, well- known Austrian philosopher, was agreed to be the rightest person embodying values of transatlanticism. Karl Popper´s masterpieces and his own life personificates values of liberal democracy in freedom in tbe broadest sense. His message is worth recalling again nowadays, on 60th anniversary of NATO, when it´s obvious that we still encounter enemies of "open society" out there, in the form of rough states, state terrorism or various unfree societies.

Let´s spent some time and dedicate it to Karl Popper! His message is not only up-to-date, but everlasting as well. To find more about Mr. Popper, please visit For you who study political science and, of course, know the most famous book by Karl Poper "The Open Society and Its Enemies", I encourage you to discuss it months to come and challenge yourself if you could find some interconnection between the theory of Mr. Popper and practice of international security today. You´re more than welcome to share with your opinions and reflexions here below.



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