Saturday, July 4, 2009

Russia to open airspace

Today the International Herald Tribune mentions that Russia will open its airspace to America in order to let that country use the airspace for the transportation of troops and weapons to Afghanistan. It might only seem a minor detail, but in the last couple of months under the Obama adiministration it can be seen as s sign that the troubled relation between the two former superpowers under the Bush-administration, is cooling down. There is no agreement yet on the missile defense, neither a nuclear arms deal, but it can maybe be seen as a first step.

When Obama visits Moscow this coming Monday and Tuesday his foreign policy will be tested. There is faith on both sides that minor steps will be taken in the near future to meet each other on very heavily debated topics like nuclear arm cuts. On the other hand their has no real action been seen yet, and if people wonder if climate change will be discussed the coming two days, it is sad to say that such an important topic, will not be dicussed, yet.

That 'yet' is what it's all about. I'm positive that under Obama-Medvedev hard issues will be taken up.

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