Friday, July 3, 2009

Montenegro in NATO?

The majority of the Montenegrin citizens would like to decide the country's membership in NATO trough a referendum. This type of major decisions' making is well embedded into the practice of the small Balkan state as its independence from Serbia was decided with a referendum in 2006.

About 70% of the approximately 670 000 citizens are for holding the referendum.
Nevertheless, AP reports that according to a poll some 43% of the population is against joining the Alliance while 30% are supportive of such a move.

The Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic pointed out that membership in NATO and the EU should be the strategic goal of his government which was formed in June.

Additional Information for NATO and Montenegro relations

"Montenegro is one of the newest members of the Partnership for Peace, joining in December 2006. Democratic, institutional and defence reforms are a key focus of cooperation. In April 2008, Montenegro was invited to begin an Intensified Dialogue with NATO on its membership aspirations and related reforms.

Montenegro agreed its first Individual Partnership Programme (IPP) with NATO in January 2008. Cooperation was deepened in July 2008, when its first Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP) was agreed. A first NATO assessment of the implementation by Montenegro of its IPAP took place in early 2009."

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