Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The winners of NATO summit simulation game traveled to Brussels

On April 23-24 the six best Latvian students traveled to NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium to meet the representatives of Latvia’s and USA mission to NATO and discuss current issues of the NATO agenda.

These students proved themselves to possess very good knowledge and were active during the two rounds of the competition “NATO 60 years experience – quo vadis?” devoted to the NATO 60th anniversary and 5th anniversary of Latvia’s membership in NATO.

At first students and active youngsters had to build the team of two and write an essay about the political and military aspects of NATO and in this context of Latvia’s 5 years experience in NATO. The authors of the best 26 essays were selected by the special commission with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defence and LATO.

These 26 teams were invited to participate in the NATO summit simulation game held on March 27, representing each one of the NATO member states.

Then during the simulation game a commission with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Minitry of Defence, LATO and Latvian Institute of International Affairs evaluated the activity, argumentation and knowledge of each team and chose three best teams who received the chance to travel to the NATO Headquarters. Another three teams (4th -6th place) received gift tokens of the book store “Valters un Rāpa”.

During the visit to Brussels Latvian students had meetings with:

- the representatives of Latvia’s mission to NATO - permanent representative of Latvia to NATO Mr. Jānis Eichmanis, Lt Cdr Vitalijs Klimanovs and counselor Ms. Dita Putnaergle

- international staff of NATO - Information officer for Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ms. Neringa Vaisbrode, Information officer for Afghanistan, Bulgaria and Romania, Dr Nadja Milanova.

- representatives of the Mission of the Unites States to NATO - Deputy Chief Mr. Walter Andrusyszyn.

During the meetings, Latvian students had a chance to discuss such topics as NATO operations, partnerships and the future of NATO in the light of the NATO 60th anniversary and NATO Summit held on April 3-4 in Strasbourg/Kehl.

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