Saturday, May 16, 2009

New functionalities

As you can see we have made some changes on our blog. We added more links on information sharing and a new section with news and publications. We are trying to integrate all our resources so that they can be easily accessed by anyone.

Follow YATA on Facebook, the YATA Blog on Facebook (also become a fan and follow us on Networked Blogs app), YATA on Twitter (now with the RSS feed of the blog redirected to Twitter, you can follow our posts there), and the YATA Channel on Youtube.

We also added a new section where we want to include all national chapters blogs. Please feel free to provide us with your national YATA blog address, either by commenting on this post or to and

1 comment:

Irina said...

I think it would be nice if YATA creates it own YouTube Channel. As war as I see this is the Channel of Giuseppe. It is not from the corporate point of view. What about video from the NATO Youth Summit, photos, reports, articles?