Saturday, February 7, 2009

Merkel, Sarkozy threaten new Iran sanctions

US President Barack Obama offers to hold direct talks with Tehran on the nuclear issue - an option that George W. Bush often ruled out.

Chancellor Angela Merkel said Berlin supported the proposal."We are ready to walk this path together. But we are also ready for tougher sanctions if there is no progress."
"I think the new US administration will make its approach towards Iran clear to us in coming months," Merkel told the annual Munich Security Conference in a speech.

French President Sarkozy urged Russia to cooperate with European and North Amercian powers as there will be no alternative to tightening sanctions against Iran if it does not meet western demands."It is up to Russia to decide which face it wants to show. If it wants peace it should show it. If it wants to be a global player, it should help us with Iran".
Sarkozy said Iran's announcement it had launched a satellite into orbit for the first time was "extremely bad news".

Ali Larijani, the speaker of Iran's parliament, told the conference on Friday the new White House could rebuild some of the bridges that had been destroyed by the Bush administration.

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Irina said...

O-la-laaa, I like the new U.S. approach :)