Saturday, February 7, 2009

Alliance Reborn: an Atlantic Compact for XXI Century

CSIS, ACUS, NDU and SAIS have recently unleived theier "Washington NATO project" aimed at sparking debate before and after NATO 60th Anniversary Summit, which will take place in Strasbourg/Kehl on April 2009.
New ideas and proposals for strengthening trans-Atlantic community has been put forward by Hamilton, Barry, Binnendijk, Flanagan, Smith and Townsend.
The Compact is divided in two major sections: "New World, New Partnership" and " New NATO".
The first Section propose a new set of tools for strengthening and broadening the trans-Atlantic partnershp. It identifies the strategic priority of Afghanistan and Pakistan and the cooperation with the Russian Federation as the two major incoming challeges for NATO partnerships.
In the second section, the authors identify which reforms NATO needs to meet the challenges of the XXI Century:
1) Change the Way NATO Makes Decisions
2) Change the Way NATO Spends Money
3) Generate Appropriate Military Capabilities
4) Match Missions to Means
5) Rethink Functional and Geographic “Areas of Emphasis”

The full report is here

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