Saturday, July 5, 2008

Danish Delight

Oh, I'm alive! Yesterday, before finishing up on our Afghanistan theme, we all had the chance to break a great barrier (I know I did!): Jumping from the parachute training tower at the special forces. What you need: A tall, tall, tall tower (at least 100 meters high), some strong ropes and a special forces soldier. And of course, NO FEAR! I believe the entire group felt revived after the jump and ready for yet another day of lectures. Later on we went to the Nothernmost point of Denmark, where the Atlantic and the Baltic seas collide.
Today the programme is concentrating on South Caucasus. The lecture by Per Carlsen, the danish ambassador to Russia, inspired great debate in the group and Vladimir Socor, managed to guide us through the pitfalls of energy security. Ib Faurby gave a general introduction to the problems and conflicts in the South Caucasus region, making sure that we're all equipped for the crisis simulation that will begin tomorrow. I will get back to you when the simulation is over. Hopefully we will manage to save the Caucasus -and the world - as future leaders we should be able to do so!

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